Matrix Repatterning: A New Paradigm in Healing - Liz Lester, RMT, Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner
What Matrix Treats
Matrix Repatterning treats a wide variety of conditions that are frequently caused by structural imbalance. A few of the more common ones are:
·       Headache
·       Head Injury / Concussion
.       Sports Injuries (Football, Rugby, Volleyball,  Hockey, Figure Skating..)
·       Dizziness / Ear Noise / Tinnitis
·       Repetitive Strain Injuries - Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff, etc.
·       TMJ Dysfunction (Jaw pain/misalignment issues)
·       Back pain,  Neck pain
·       Scoliosis
·       Joint Pain / Stiffness (hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, foot, etc.)
·       Unstable Joints / Restricted Joints
·       Post-Joint Replacement Pain - Hips, Knees
·       Nerve Pain – Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, etc.
·       Fibromyalgia
·       Esophageal Reflux / Digestive Complaints
·       Snoring / Sleep Apnea
If your condition is not listed here, find out how Matrix can help you by sending me an email, or by booking a free consultation.
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