Matrix Repatterning: A New Paradigm in Healing - Liz Lester, RMT, Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner
About Matrix Repatterning
The magic is not in the medicine but in the patient’s body — in the vis medicatrix naturae, the recuperative or self corrective energy of naturae. What the treatment does is to stimulate natural functions or to remove what hinders them.”
- C.S. Lewis
Matrix Repatterning:
  • Is a break-through method of correcting injury, and thereby eliminating discomfort, often without the need for ongoing care
  • Corrects the SOURCE of most common injuries, at the CELLULAR level
  • Is a clinically proven, gentle, hands-on treatment, performed by a certified practitioner
  • Is effective in relieving symptoms associated with conditions such as spinal disc problems, low back pain, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff problems, TMJ (jaw pain), head injuries, hip pain, and knee pain, to name a few
  • Is covered by Extended Health Plans that cover Registered Massage Therapy
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