Matrix Repatterning: A New Paradigm in Healing - Liz Lester, RMT, Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner
How It Works
Matrix Repatterning is a revolutionary physical therapy, because it treats an aspect of physical body that has only recently been proven to exist – the cellular matrix. 
Recent research has proven that, at the cellular level, the body is a continuous fabric, interconnected three-dimensionally, throughout the entire body, regardless of the type of cells.  Muscle, tendon, bone, organ, fascia – they all have the same architecture and interconnectedness.  A further distinction, from the Matrix Repatterning treatment perspective, is the cell’s ultimate density. When impact injury happens, the densest tissues are vulnerable to trapping that incoming energy and as a result, they become somewhat subtly enlarged and more rigid.  This results in a region of the body that was once supple and flexible becoming compensated structurally (which can have a limiting effect on itself, or a different area of the body).  Over time, and with repeated injury, these accidental events of everyday life cause the body to compensate again and again until a symptom arises – typically from the compromised areas in the overlying soft tissues – muscles, tendons, or fascia.
While there are many factors that weigh into an individual’s pain patterns, by middle age most people have amassed an extensive injury history (mostly long forgotten), that has contributed to a lifetime of their body’s continued compensation efforts.  While the body is truly designed to do a remarkable job of compensating, it is only when it can no longer do so effectively, that the accumulated structural rigidities produce a noticeable symptom. Often, the location of the symptom is seldom where the root of the problem is, and that is why treatments applied to the symptomatic area seldom bring relief for long.
Matrix Repatterning locates and addresses the major locations of injury history in the body.  Most people undergoing Matrix treatments achieve a higher level of functioning and lower symptom level, with a relatively short course of treatments.  Matrix Repatterning corrections are long-lasting, since the body’s tissues are restored to their natural state of tone and balance.  These corrections are usually permanent, unless subsequent injury occurs.
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