Matrix Repatterning: A New Paradigm in Healing - Liz Lester, RMT, Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner
What is the origin of the Matrix Repatterning Technique?
Matrix Repatterning is a technique developed over the last 20+ years by Dr. George Roth, DC, ND.  It draws largely on Roth’s original training and subsequent extensive study of theory and manual techniques that comprise Osteopathic training.  It goes on to incorporate insights over the last 15 years into body energies and cellular structure, thanks to the works of Stephen Levin, MD; James L. Oschman, Ph.D.; Donald E. Ingber, M.D., Ph.D.; and others.  Dr. Roth has devised a unique application of access, interpretation, and measurement of the physiological energetics (not only of humans, but of all mammals), and has devised the gentle corrective technique known as Matrix Repatterning.
Who can benefit from Matrix Repatterning?
We all experience bumps and falls from the day we are born, and we all carry a deeply recorded history of injuries experienced.  We have been brought up to believe that when the skin heals and the bruising goes away, the body is totally healed.  Science now knows that is not always the case, and that the body finds ways to compensate for injury.
Children and young adults in high-intensity sports, such as hockey, soccer, volleyball, figure skating, skiing/snowboarding, football and rugby, and even trampoline, can accumulate injury patterns more quickly over a short number of years compared to their more sedentary counterparts.  Since they tend to respond and correct rapidly because they are young, they are excellent candidates for Matrix Repattering.
People of ‘middle age’ come for Matrix Repatterning, often believing that “it’s all downhill after 40.”  In fact,  many people in the 40s and 50s may start to notice symptoms that are not a result of aging, per se, but because their body has reached its limit of what it can compensate for.  Remember, one’s cumulative history of injury begins at birth.  But the truth is: reaching “middle age” is not a reason to accept poor health or pain.  The body, in health, is resilient.  It just needs a deeper tune-up, a rebalancing of deeper stresses within.
People in later life come in for similar issues, or are seeking a solution to avoid a surgery.  While these people may require a few more treatments due to a more extensive history/collection of injuries, the good news is that Matrix Repatterning can also work for them, rebalancing and correcting the body’s matrix.  Over the years, we have seen older people respond extremely well, which is probably also due to the fact that this population is becoming better informed and more health conscious than ever, and living better, which can significantly optimize a course of treatment.
Why is Matrix Repatterning different from other therapies?
Many people have arrived at a point in life where they have developed a physical issue, have a recurrent problem, or have sustained an injury that doesn’t totally correct with other courses of therapy.  We treat many people who have "tried everything else", and are wanting to avoid surgery or alleviate a condition that just doesn’t go away despite repeated interventions.  Because Matrix Repatterning locates and treats the underlying cause of imbalance deep at the cellular level, and unblocks the body’s natural healing abilities, both chronic and longstanding and/or new symptoms are addressed.
What does a course of treatment typically look like?
Your initial appointment begins with a thorough interview, a review of your health history, and a physical assessment (postural analysis, measuring range of movement of shoulders/hips, reflex testing, and scanning the body for sites of deeper injury).  From these findings, it can be demonstrated how they relate to your symptoms, and you will be given an estimate of the number of treatments required.  A typical course of treatment is six to ten sessions; children typically require fewer; persons with an extensive history of injury may require more.  At each subsequent treatment session, relevant reassessment is performed, so you will have an ongoing measure of your progress back to full function.
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